Unique combo systems RCS is the only company to offer forced draught units with natural ventilation units. This combination saves energy & maintenance costs as compared to any other system available.

Roots Cooling Systems - Cooling and Ventilation

Roots Cooling SystemsRoots Cooling Systems Pvt. Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of rigid-media type air washers and natural ventilation systems in the country. It has impacted a large presence in the market and established a strong leadership position by successfully solving the problems of cooling and ventilation of most demanding industries such as Automobiles, Hotels, Cements, Textiles, Engineering - goods, and Petrochemicals etc. The application versatility has been for generator rooms, gas-turbine intake, industrial cooling of hot spots, paint booths, textile mills humidification, warehouses and stores, commercial agriculture, produce storage rooms etc.

We have a robust independent Power Plant Division for power producers segment as well. This cell is dedicated towards the HVAC requirements of power plants – both Thermal & Hydro segment. We shall also participate, as & when, nuclear power plants begin their presence on Indian Market Space.

Our central cooling & ventilation systems provide the most optimal & comprehensive solutions to all climate control requirements of our customers.

We realise that

  • Critical areas require indoor air quality, air flow patterns & contaminant free environment.
  • Within some areas, temperature & humidity requirements can vary.
  • Some areas require smooth & hassle free functioning of process equipments to ensure low break-downs and higher productivity.
  • Non-stop production areas require round-the-clock operation of all utilities.

We consider all the above unique requirements and offer specially designed equipment which are not only reliable but also extremely energy efficient.